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Last post by Danno - Today at 11:59 AM
Thought we already fought for freedom of Religion. DeSanti's way or no way.
Thanks to Ron DeSantis's restrictive, confusing Parents Bill of Rights (Don't Say Gay) law, a Hanukkah tradition at a Florida school was almost canceled.
The school that denied a student's parent request to give a Hanukkah presentation reversed its decision only after journalists started questioning it.

For nearly a decade, Pasco County mom Rachel Long has used the holiday season to expose her children and their classmates to the Jewish holiday Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights.

The day after Thanksgiving, Long reached out to her son's fifth-grade teacher to set up a day and time to present to the class – something she's done since her oldest son was in pre-school.
"Can I come in to do a Hanukkah presentation?" the mother texted.

At first, the teacher seemed open, telling Long she'd get back to her. "I will speak to the ladies to determine what day and time will be best. We are entering our 2nd round of FAST testing and our schedules will be fluctuating," the educator responded.
That would soon change.

Four days after her initial request, Long received an early morning text from her son's teacher telling the mom the presentation did not meet the Parental Bill of Rights fifth-grade standards.
As per discussions with the team and Admin, the new Parent Bill of Rights obligates us to follow the 5th Grade Standards as written. At this time, a Chanukah presentation is not in our standards.
Florida's public schools are prohibited by 2021 legislation from "celebrating any holidays," Florida Politics reported.

However, parents have the choice to opt their children out of any instruction that is contradictory to their moral or religious beliefs.

Apparently, that doesn't apply to Christmas, Long contended, noting Christmas-themed décor throughout a "holiday shop" in the school and a host of related activities.
"(The principal) explained these things by saying they are holiday-themed, not Christmas, and parents are able to opt their students out. Teachers are allowed to have Christmas trees in their rooms but are not allowed to do Elf on The Shelf. If students can participate in all these activities or be opted out, I suggested that students could be opted out of my Hanukkah presentation."
Long's short presentation steers clear of any mention of religion, instead focusing on the story of Hanukkah – reading a short story, and giving the students dreidels for use in a game.

During a conversation with the principal of the New Port Richey elementary school, Long was told that if she was allowed to do her presentation that "they would have to teach Kwanza, and Diwali," to which the mother replied, "That would be wonderful."
That didn't seem like the answer they wanted to hear.

The principal promised to speak with school's Assistant Superintendent Kimberly Poe on Long's behalf, but it wouldn't be until after the district was contacted by reporters from Florida Politics, that the decision was reversed.
"I am just trying to expose my child's classmates to different traditions," Long said.

Freedom Hall (politics) / Re: I love TRUMP
Last post by Hobby - Today at 10:40 AM
Trump is the past, De Santis is the future!
Freedom Hall (politics) / Re: I love TRUMP
Last post by 2150148evad - Today at 03:41 AM
Quote from: dogwalker on Yesterday at 10:17 PMpre-Trump conservatives

I grew up in a conservative household, father worked for the postal service until he had a heart attack on the floor and his supervisor kicked him repeatedly in the gut yelling at him to get back up and get back to work.

My father thought our conservative government at the time was the greatest thing, that his stable job earning 41k/yr was a blessing. Under the leadership of GHWB who was the greatest thing since sliced bread and 'the bestest president ever!', we would save this country from the communist democrats. However once he realized his position in life and his political stance meant nothing when his ass was on the floor crying out for help and all his republican buddies told him to 'shake it off, you need this job', 'don't be a mooch and go for disability', and his saviors were some democrat ladies who came over and shielded him from the supervisor kicking him he had an epiphany. The Party isn't going to save you when the shit hits the fan, so why should you support it.

Now he still voted republican for '92 because he didn't like Clinton ("he's a liar" my dad would say, oh dad... omnipotent much?) or Perot ("Grandstander") but he started to pay more attention to the candidates statements and their campaigning.

I voted Clinton in '96, considered but didn't mark for Nader '00, thought for two seconds and passed on GWB '04, ticked Obama '08, and nobody since. Didn't vote to re-elect Obama even though I supported A.C.A. up until the teeth were ripped out and it basically allowed the healthcare industry to jack up premiums and screw everyone including the poor folks who needed to get on the state sponsored plans.

I would say if conservatism could find a worthy candidate to put in the Republican primaries they could shift the centrists and moderates, but the presidency has become the platform on which to merely stifle the opposing faction. Does anyone remember the last time the government balanced the budget and had a surplus? Clinton, and granted we can't pay off the national debt instantly, and there were a lot of programs cut and things changed to the dismay of people on both sides but a democrat president and republican congress figured out how to work together. The heavy lifting was done in House, Clinton's own budget plans were shot down, but the Legislative and Executive branch worked together to compromise (now I was a young buck barely able to vote to re-elect, but I saw a glimmer of hope for both sides being willing to compromise) which is what the branches should be doing. Instead now it seems the country only wants one side to have absolute power. I say do away with Electoral College and forced two party system, let popular election results stand on their own, let the people choose, and the best candidate whichever platform they run with will win because the deciding votes are the moderates not the extremists.

I look forward to elections in 2028 if we're allowed to have them. Guests are not allowed to view images in posts, please Register or Login

I don't love Trump, but I do like Kitty, hope things all work out in a couple years Guests are not allowed to view images in posts, please Register or Login
looking forward to what happens after I vote LOL
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Last post by dogwalker - Yesterday at 10:17 PM
One thing I am not understanding is what happened to pre-Trump conservatives?   I would not classify Trump as a guy that has strictly conservative and traditional Republican values....duh!  He's more like the alternate to those that don't like liberals which is not the same thing.  I actually feel a bit sorry for people that used to be (real) Republicans and now only may have Trump and his minions to support.
too long.....don't care
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Last post by Danno - Yesterday at 07:22 PM
He is dumber than a rock, that's what Pink said years ago
Quote from: Blkfyre on Yesterday at 08:57 AMYeah, I can see why conservatives praise these three so much...
I think we can make a mistake if we just use the "conservative" label. There are many conservatives, Liz Cheney for example, that do not support the extremist views. It is the MAGA fanatics that are likely to give praise.

Elon Musk should've stuck with cars and space rockets. He is clueless about running a social platform.

Like an idiot savant Kanye West is a musical genius and should stick to just doing music. He is dumber than a rock when it comes to other areas of pursuit.

Freedom Hall (politics) / Re: I love TRUMP
Last post by heyjoe - Yesterday at 12:19 PM
everyone everywhere all at once, is full of shit and fucktardish, both parties are each 1 side of the same crooked fucked up coin, fuck em all.
 imma eat lumpia now then go fuck some chick in the butt and leave you guys to it
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Last post by Blkfyre - Yesterday at 09:01 AM
I wonder if these are reasons conservatives love Trump?

A Judge Said Trump Signed Court Documents That He Knew Included Lies

The emails show that President Trump knew that the specific numbers of voter fraud were wrong but continued to tout those numbers, both in court and to the public," Carter wrote. "The Court finds that these emails are sufficiently related to and in furtherance of a conspiracy to defraud the United States."

Carter was referring to figures Trump and his attorneys had put in a Dec. 4, 2020, court filing in Georgia in which they had alleged authorities in Fulton County had improperly counted the votes of 10,315 dead people, 2,560 felons, and 2,423 unregistered voters.