Any CPA's here on site?

Started by Roxyrolls, Nov 17, 2022, 11:51 AM

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Hello everyone and their fine asses. I am looking for a CPA that is very friendly.
Anyone here have any advice or info? Greatly appreciated  :-*
Have a great day  ;D


If anyone suggests you see Daisydoestaxes I would recommend not.  Alot of ladies had  her as a recommendation but after I paid a 155$ deposit poof she dissapeared. I've sent numerous emails and nothing.
Lickity yo dickity


Thanks Rose for the heads up to our community.
Daisy Douglas AKA Daisy Does Taxes. See post on reddit. Be wary of Daisy Douglas for taxes

Too much sex is still not enough.


Thank you Rose.
Long time, no talk.
Hope to see you at a party in the future ;D